Sep 16 2010
What to do?

I walk out of the Blue Moose, a cafe where I’ve been using the wifi while I wait on my dsl to be installed, and what do I see? The Girls Gone Wild tour bus parked right in front of me. Apparently the University of West Virginia is the number 2 party school in the country, so they were filming at a club next door.

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Sep 11 2010
there's cold, and then there is COLD

I moved into my new place in Morgantown on Wednesday when electricity was finally turned on, but unbeknownst to me, my hot water heater uses gas. The gas company needs access to the basement, which means the landlord needs to be here. And he is harder to get on the phone than I used to be, which I didn’t think was possible.

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Sep 9 2010
inane interfaces

I bought a new microwave oven last night (we left my old one back in Texas ‘cause it was in pretty bad shape) and I just used it for the first time – popcorn is popping right now. And as amazing as the features it offers are (it includes a toaster oven in it – Alex wouldn’t stop talking about how I was getting a much better microwave than he has), I already hate it. Why?

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