Sep 11 2011
Some of us remember 9/11 everyday

I purposely avoided ground zero this weekend. I would have liked to visit on my first trip back to NYC in almost six years, but it will always be a deeply personal affair for me, one I can’t share with the callous, sensationalistic press and disgusting politicians faking tears for votes.

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Mar 24 2011
OmniGraffle Line Endings

I was wondering what some of the line endings in OmniGraffle were called, but I couldn’t find them documented anywhere in the Manual or even via a Google search. So I made up this list using OmniGraffle.

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Mar 9 2011
I love the reliability of Unix

I love how reliable and depenedable Mac OS X and its Unix underpinnings are. I was wondering when I last rebooted (I try to reboot every week or so) and got the following:

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