Jul 5 2012
MacBook Pro GPU Monitoring

I just found a really great app called gfxCardStatus that works with any 2008 or later MacBook Pro. It is a menu-bar app that shows you which GPU is currently being used. Keeping it down to the Intel GPU decreases the heat generated and increases battery life.

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Jul 4 2012
I love my new MacBook Pro Retina

just got my Mac Book Pro Retina and without a doubt it is the best computer I’ve every owned. My vision is pretty crappy, and I can’t make out heads or tails on a MacBook Air screen at the default resolution (glasses make no difference). But the MBP retina display is so crisp and sharp that I can even read the text from a few feet away. I had really thought I’d never be able to comfortably view a laptop screen again. I got the 2.6 GHz model with 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. And it is a screamer. I ran geekbench on all of my current computers, and the numbers are impressive. All the older machines have a 256GB SSD in them.

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Jul 3 2012
Yojimbo syncing via Dropbox with multiple Macs

Ben Brooks wrote about the problems with using Dropbox and multiple Macs, offering a solution using Keyboard Maestro. Here is the solution I’ve been using for a while. Save the following AppleScript and set it up as a Folder Action in your Dropbox on each machine (you must do it on both machines if you want it to work both ways).

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