inane interfaces

Written on September 9, 2010 at 08:37 pm
Category: cocoa

I bought a new microwave oven last night (we left my old one back in Texas ‘cause it was in pretty bad shape) and I just used it for the first time – popcorn is popping right now. And as amazing as the features it offers are (it includes a toaster oven in it – Alex wouldn’t stop talking about how I was getting a much better microwave than he has), I already hate it. Why?

Because when I pressed the 1 button, it started cooking for a minute. I wanted to cook for 1:45, but it appears I have to tell the microwave that I want to cook for a specific amount of time, then enter the time. What is up with that?

My old microwave had a quick minute button that I never used. I figure out quickly how long something takes to cook and always cook it for that exact time. A hot dog? 32 seconds. A bun-length hot dog? 36 seconds. A plate of nachos? 33 seconds.

I never had a need for a single button like that. Now all the buttons work like that. Who makes inane design decisions like this?

(And yes, I know I’m anal about this kind of stuff. Hell, I take into account the meniscus, as I was taught in chemistry, when measuring cooking ingredients.)