Help Me Name a Product

Written on March 8, 2011 at 07:33 pm
Category: cocoa

New App Icon

I’m finally getting close to shipping my first iPad app but have run into one roadblock. What should I call it?

Right now I call it iMusicVideoPlayer because that’s what it does. However, I need something with more pizazz. So if you think you can help me out with a name (and get a credit in the app and on the product’s website), read on.

Lately I’ve become obsessed with watching music videos when I want to relax. However, Apple’s workflow for playing videos is gotta be the worst thing I’ve seen them produce.

Music Videos are added to iTunes, and are classified with Music. That means that when I’m listening to music, sometimes a video window will pop open and it blocks whatever I was working on. So I generally only use playlists that limit themselves to audio or video.

On the iPad, music videos are listed in the iPod application, but when you hit play it switches you to the Videos app. In this app, all your videos are shown as thumbnail images (12 per screen) sorted by the title. I’m approaching 200 music videos in my collection. Needless to say, scrolling through them 12 at a time really sucks. Especially when the artist name isn’t displayed. Also, when a video finishes, it doesn’t play another one. You have to scroll the list to select the next one you want to watch.

So my new app works just like the iPod application, but for videos. You can make playlists. You can browse by title, artist, or genre. And it works with more than Music Videos. You can transfer any video to your iPad to play with it. It can also link to or even download videos from YouTube. I’m also using it to store my collection of funny comedy clips from SNL.

What should I call it? Email me your suggestions. And if you have an iPad with Music Videos on it, I can set you up with a beta version.