Health Problems, Yet Again

Written on April 12, 2007 at 09:55 pm
Category: cocoa

Once again, I’ve been hit by health problems again. This time it was a abscess on my lower back right below the waist. It became incredibly painful, and boy did it hurt when the doctor lanced it. I stayed in the hospital for four days, and probably close to another four days before it in pain and recovering afterwards. I’m still on antibiotics and it is still there, just not as nasty.

This goes on top of being bipolar and diabetes. A normal A1c rating (the measure of blood sugar levels in blood over the last 120 days) is 4 to 6. The American Diabetic Association says a value of 7 is acceptable for a diabetic. That’s what mine was in the fall. Down from a 9 the year before. Last month, I was a 10.4.

Obviously, I really need to reduce my sugar levels. I’m starting back at kickboxing next week, which will help. But I’m not sure what to do about my diet. Anyone who knew me 10+ years ago would be amazed at it. Back then I lived on pizza, burgers, and multiple pitchers of kool aid a day. Now I eat vegetables (really! that’s a huge change), only drink water and sugar-free drinks, and live off foods made with Splenda.

A few years ago, when moving apartments after 9/11 (I lived two blocks away), I herniated my L2/L3 disc which pinched every nerve to my lower body. That was some serious pain. Even with years of physical therapy, my back still really hurts. According to my surgeon at the time, I have the back of a 65 year-old, and will have multiple disc problems throughout my life.

Add to that multiple kidney stones and serious digestive problems leading to my gall bladder being removed, and I haven’t been a healthy boy. Throw the depression I frequently get even though I’m on multiple drugs for my bipolar disorder, and things don’t look too good. Plus, I had a few other problems last year that left me incapacitated for months.

Not that I’m feeling down, at least not right now. Today I feel really good and finally decided to get some thoughts off my chest. Expect more posts soon.