Apr 12 2007
Health Problems, Yet Again

Once again, I’ve been hit by health problems again. This time it was a abscess on my lower back right below the waist. It became incredibly painful, and boy did it hurt when the doctor lanced it. I stayed in the hospital for four days, and probably close to another four days before it in pain and recovering afterwards. I’m still on antibiotics and it is still there, just not as nasty.

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Dec 6 2006
where are the old-school gamers?

I’ve been an avid game player my whole life. I helped started a gaming club in college, which I donated most of my games too. Since then, I’ve bought a lot of them. But as I’ve gotten older, I get to play them a lot less.

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Nov 7 2006
My Sysadmin Nightmare, Part 2

Well, we got a bit of a stay on having to move the servers, but I’m still working on it as fast as I can. I’ve got everything except perl modules installed on the new server.

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Nov 3 2006
Voting Blues

I just got back from early voting, and once again I’m disgusted by the ballot. Fortunately it was still optical scan, not one of the disastrous touch-screen system. But I really can’t stand seeing the majority of the races only have one candidate listed and no spot for a write-in.

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