Oct 9 2007

There has been a lot of bitching about the iPhone lately: no SDK, bricking the phone with the 1.1.1 update, and the price drop to name a few. But in all of the instances I’ve read about, I’m 100% behind Apple. When someone purchased an iPhone, they knew what they were getting: a phone with no 3rd party support and a locked phone that only works with AT&T. If thye weren’t ok with that, they shouldn’t have bought it. Apple publicly announced, and most Apple news sites reported that the 1.1.1 update would possibly brick your phone. The update itself warned that. Any idiot with a hacked iPhone who bricked it because they installed the update got what they deserved. Their problem, not Apple’s.

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May 2 2007
Home v. Cell Phones

Cell phones have been around for a long time now (I’ve had one for over ten years), and they’ve always had really nice features like a call log (incoming and outgoing), custom ring tones, etc. So why the hell haven’t home phones added these features?

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Apr 12 2007
Grocery Shopping

I really can’t comprehend how someone can accidentally get in the express checkout lane with a full basket of groceries. And I really can’t understand why the store staff doesn’t say something.

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